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S&S is an experienced and skilled expert in alkaline and acid catalyzed alkoxylation process technology.


Secure handling of ethylene oxide as well as propylene oxide and further oxiranes (e.g. styrene oxide, butylene oxide) – added to different starter molecules, alone, sequentially and randomised – represents our daily chemical business. 

Besides alkoxylation activity, many other types of chemical processes are carried out safely in our multi-purpose reactors, like condensations, sulphonations / sulphatations of triglycerides or esterifications. Additionally finishing and customising process steps and blending operations play an important role.

Equipment and size of reaction vessels allow flexible setups of production programs with batch volumes from below 1 ton up to 7 tons, and packaging in drums, semi-bulk and bulk-containers, as well as bags and big-bags for flaked products. 

Production-scale reactions, including in-process controls and logistics are run by experienced, well-trained and motivated staff. The quality control is based on a clearly defined clearing procedure and is independently carried out through laboratory staff.

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Our core competence is the development and manufacture of nonionic and anionic surfactants.

Research and Development

In our laboratories, our experienced and well-trained team of scientists and lab-technicians is in charge of the D&A — work to meet the customer demands for specific applications.


To fit all the customer requirements with the best performing molecules, close cooperation from the very early stage of the development process is important for us. Customer application know-how, combined with knowledge and experience of S&S result in field-proven and new tailor-made solutions.




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