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Schärer + Schläpfer

Sulphated triglycerides

Besides the ethoxylates and EO/PO adducts, we have various other products in our range, among which the sulphated triglycerides, especially Turkey red oil, occupy an important position. Although in many fields these surfactants have already been replaced by other products, they still have interesting applications, such as in cosmetics and body-care products, in the textile and paper auxiliaries and in the printing industry. Take advantage of our experience, built up over several decades in the preparation of the Turkey red oils marketed under the name of Serepon.

Sulfonated / sulfated products

Product name Starter molecule/chemistry INCI name (fragment)
Aduxol TRD-S- Isotridecanol ether sulfate, NH4-salt Ammonium Trideceth-... Sulfate
Aduxol XP-S- 2-Propylheptanol ethersulfate, NH4-salt Ammonium Deceth-... Sulfate
Serepon 50% hü Turkey red oil Sulfated Castor Oil
Serepon 75% hü Turkey red oil Sulfated Castor Oil
Serepon 100% hü Turkey red oil Sulfated Castor Oil

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Sulfatierte Triglyzeride