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Product configurator for alkoxylation specialities

Our alkoxylation specialities are based on a broad range of starting molecules in reaction with ethylene oxide, propylene oxide and various other types of oxirans and catalysts:

  • Alkoxylates of linear and branched as well as saturated and unsaturated (fatty) alcohols of native or synthetic origin (iso-, oxo-, Guerbet-, Ziegler alcohols)
  • Alkoxylates of polyols, started from 1,4- butandiol, neopentylglycol, pentaerythritol, trimethylolpropane, glycerol, sugar derivatives and other carbohydrates
  • Alkylphenolalkoxylates

During five decades of experience in alkoxylation, an excellent know-how for designing and tailoring surfactant molecule structures and thereon based formulations has been established.

These skills are being constantly extended, usually in collaboration with customers and protected by secrecy agreements.

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