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Schärer + Schläpfer

Neoxalin - Organic phosphoric acid esters

The reactions of fatty alcohols or alkylphenols and their ethoxylates with phosphoric acid equivalents lead to alkyl and arylphosphates and the corresponding etherphosphates respectively.
These substances, normally coexisting as mixtures of mono- and diesters, usually have surface active properties and therefore are anionic surfactants. After their manufacture they are strongly acidic substances, which can be neutralized by many types of bases. The thereby accessible products have good to excellent anticorrosion properties. Personal care formulators use phosphates because of their mildness and skin compatibility. A series of established standard products is steadily expanded with new types. Maybe the next one will be developed particularly for you?

Phosphated products

Product name Starter molecule/chemistry INCI name (fragment)
Neoxalin HDOC 5055 03 Linear fatty alcohol (C16/18' to C18) Cetoleth Phosphate
Neoxalin HDOC 5055 53 Linear fatty alcohol (C16/18' to C18) Cetoleth-5 Phosphate
Neoxalin HEX 03 Branched alcohol (Guerbet C8) 2-Ethylhexyl Phosphate
Neoxalin HEX 34 Branched alcohol (Guerbet C8), 3 EO Octeth-3 Phosphate
Neoxalin LH 43 Linear fatty alcohol (C12/14), 4 EO Laureth-4 Phosphate
Neoxalin MDB 03 N-Butanol Butyl Phosphate
Neoxalin NHX 63 Linear fatty alcohol (C6), 6 EO Hexeth-6 Phosphate
Neoxalin ST 114 Linear fatty alcohol (C16/18), 11 EO Ceteareth-11 Phosphate
Neoxalin TRD 42 Branched alcohol (iso-C13), 4 EO Trideceth-4 Phosphate
Neoxalin TRD 54 Branched alcohol (iso-C13), 5 EO Trideceth-5 Phosphate
Neoxalin TRD 64 Branched alcohol (iso-C13), 6 EO Trideceth-6 Phosphate